Saturday, January 19, 2013

Short Hairstyles Summer 2013

Girly yet ladylike, a shortie gives us the possibility to experiment with our styling. For those of you who are eager to dare edgier looks, you can create a hot appearance in no time. Indeed, what we love about short locks is the speedy time it takes to style them.

If you have longer lengths at the front of your crop, you can make a statement high-drama look by simply grabbing some wax or gel, rub between your hands and run through your hair. What about a cool quiff? Yes, please! Be the tough, rock goddess wearing your sexy shortie with volume.

Backcomb some hair sections and then apply some hairspray. So, if you're still not sure on how to style your short cut, these simple ideas will solve your dilemma. Regardless the event, you have an impressive range of styles you can try and still look amazing. Oh, and did you know that short hair is perfect for showcasing strong features? Therefore, pick the one that flatters you the most and update your crop!

Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

One of the most obvious rules when it comes to wash and wear hairstyles is that you should never fight your natural hair texture. This means that you should follow the path of the least resistance when it comes to your hair type and the styling options you use. An essential step is to learn what works best for your tresses and to make the final choice based on what you find out. Adding layers is one of the main techniques used to create versatility to any hair type.

 However, the layering technique tends to vary for each hair texture. Those who have fine hair should avoid too much length and keep hair length to a balanced medium to be able to style their tresses with more ease. An angular bob hairstyle is an example of a good choice for this hair type because it creates the impression of fullness especially when a few highlights are added to create dimension.

 On the other hand, for long wavy hairstyles, layers of varying length might be just what is needed to be able to create the desired hairstyle. Razor cut layers tend to be an absolute no-no for this hair type when lower maintenance routines are desired.

Layered hairstyles can also be a viable choice that you should consider. For thick, straight hair types, shag hairstyles can be one of the best options considering the fact that they tend to be extremely modern and easy to style at the same time. If you are going for longer length, you should try to avoid short layers as much as possible as they will only add unnecessary volume in the areas where you least want to.

2013 Short Trendy Hairstyles

Short hairstyles have increased in popularity over the last couple of years due to their amazing look as well as low maintenance level. It seems that low maintenance hairstyles suit the needs of the modern world we are living in and the new hair cutting techniques as well as the hair styling techniques allow short hairstyles to stand out and look hotter than ever.

 In order to achieve a trendy short wavy hairstyle one needs to allow the hair to have a bit of length, just enough to create the subtle hair waves using hair styling mousse or any other styling product which can help create the desired effect. For a more stylish look cut the hair shorter on the sides and allow the rest of the hair to grow longer, this asymmetry looking fabulous on women who can pull off a short crop.

2013 Brunette Short Hairstyles

One easy way to instantly change the way a short hairstyle looks is to modify its texture. Textured medium hairstyles can turn out to be very varied with a few simple alterations when it comes to the styling technique used. One of the simplest methods that can be used is playing up with volume. Hair volume can be used to highlight various aspects of a hairstyle or even certain characteristics while downplaying others. After adding hair volume, you can take one step further to creating a more complex hairstyle.

 With the right styling tools you can go for a sophisticated or casual hairstyle depending on your needs as well as your imagination. You can go for a sophisticated modern formal hairstyle or you can choose loose wavy hairstyle. Depending on the products you use, you can go for romantic, classy looks or you can add a vintage flair to your hairstyle if you are an admirer of these hairstyles.

 For less formal occasions you have an even greater array of possibilities as you are not forced to follow any rules. You can opt from purposely slightly messy hairstyles that will highlight your free spirited nature to downright bedhead hairstyles if you like maximum freedom when it comes to hair styling and everything in between if you let your creativity run loose and are not afraid to choose a variety of styles regularly.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Short Funky Hairstyles 2013

Short is the hair dimension which never goes out of style! See the amazing impact these gorgeous pixies and short bobs have on different face shapes. Are you on your greatest beauty adventure? Don't forget to include some of these dapper micro-cuts into your must try list. Look for inspiration in our review of stand-out short hairstyles which keep you busy and excited all throughout the season.

Your options to go glam are infinite! If you want to rock a geometric and ultra-classy do, make sure you add blunt sections to your haircut. A blunt fringe together with uniform length can inject luxury and sophistication in your makeover. Style your super-sleek do with smoothing cream, a flat iron and a tiny spritz of shine serum for the perfect finish.

 These hair designs scream for attitude and trend-awareness. Therefore, it is a must to adopt an open-minded attitude towards beauty updates and the latest tendencies in modern hairdressing. It's also nice to break up the boxy silhouette with asymmetry. Explore the amazing impact of layers on your hair texture. Kiss goodbye to split ends and frizz with these dapper tapered crops. Short hair looks dashing when complemented with choppy or soft graduated sections.

See these in-salon examples to have a quick confidence boost for your upcoming style transformation. Turn yourself into a real hair chameleon and experiment with loads of hair sculpting options. Mussed-up locks radiate an edgy and non-conformist feel. Play up your wild side if you're not afraid of the admiring looks. On the other hand, you can also nail down a no fuss and soft texturized hairdo emphasizing the beauty of your natural wavy or sleek texture.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Medium Hairstyles 2013 Women

Fear not if you have no idea how to revitalize your locks. Our selection of the hottest shoulder-length medium hairstyles provides you with numerous options on how to find your beauty identity. Once you've got your fave hairstyle, you'll be able to show off your creative side. Opt for a low maintenance cut which speaks for your modern attitude towards styling.

Make 2013 the year of fabulous beauty updates. Get a brand new hair color and a stylish haircut to combat monotony. Give your locks a new season glam boost with the best sculpting formulas and regular trimming. Layers are perfect for giving hair natural movement and definition.

Heavy layering will create an edgy visual effect. Wear your choppy layers like a real beauty icon: use a little amount of texturizer to breathe life into your flat and thin strands. Furthermore, those who were blessed with thick hair will also benefit from this ultra-versatile hairdressing trend as they'll be able to get rid of bulky texture and frizz. Take a closer look at these professionally inspired haircuts to find out more about your options.

Long hairstyles 2013 women

Want to keep your cascading locks in top shape all day? Opt for a low maintenance and at the same time voguish haircut that suits your texture and face shape. Keep these factors in mind to make the best hairstyle option.

 The sizzling long hairstyles below grant you with the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and find a suit-all sculpting style for your strands. Add interest to your look with the 'it-est' hairdressing accessories like bangs and layers.

Loose curls and soft layers are also among the most sought-after styling options. Play up the volume with the newest sculpting products and feel free to show your fondness for BIG hairstyles. Use hot rollers to create the curls and a tiny amount of volumizer for statement texture. Use teasing to stand out from the crowd with your super-polished hairdo.

On the other hand, if you're more into sleek and soft locks, go for asymmetry as the answer to all your beauty prayers. A flat iron will help you add definition to the graduated structure of your 'do. Soft layers are perfect if you wish to nail down the transition from uniform-length to asymmetry.